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How we managed to grow our business to best serve you through customized consulting, personalized service and a simple shopping experience

Our Inspiration

“I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God’s business.” Michael J. Fox

Our Story

SOHTECH’s humble beginning was seeded out of the idea of wanting to be part of a great products distribution team backed by excellent after sales service after having experienced the whole process first hand.

We have since become a national leading and trusted supplier for all Parrot products and have formed lasting relations with other leading suppliers such as Aver & HIKVision. Our aim is to keep prices as low as possible for our clients while not compromising on our service. 

Our online store is continuously growing and currently holds in excess of 1300 products for all your School, home & office needs. “SOHTECH is a leading online distributor of school, office and home technology products and solutions. We supply a wide range of interactive LED screens, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors and tablets as well as all accessories.”  

Our Contribution

We are a 100 % B-BBEE recognition level company, a leading online distributor of School, Office & Home Technology products and solutions for boards, committees & leadership teams whether in Schools or Offices. B-BBEE is a set of policies created by the South African government to empower previously disadvantaged groups & to foster economic transformation, growth and prosperity in the region. With level four certification, SOHTECH is acknowledged as achieving 100 percent recognition level, meeting the rigorous standards required to conduct business with organisations. “As an ESG conscious company, it is critical that we create an enabling environment for all our stakeholders to build their skill sets, develop within and outside our organisation and build the next generation of business leaders competent to provide the products & services to our empowered and diverse customer base.”

Our Destination

SOHTECH’s mission is to be one of the most customer-centric School, Office and Home Technology and Stationery online shopping product supplier destinations in South Africa. To us our customer comes first so we THANK YOU for choosing us and supporting South African small business entrepreneurship – Our continued success is dependent on our ability to delight you with our simple, effective and amazing after sales customer service. We are focused on constantly improving your on-line shopping experience and we would appreciate your feedback at all times. By aligning ourselves to this objective, we believe SOHTECH will become one of your preferred online shopping destinations for School, Office and Home technology and stationery product suppliers and for that we THANK YOU ! Add us to your Favourites tab and like us on Facebook and come back shopping regularly.