Video Conferencing

Revolutionize Your Meeting Experiences

Collaborate like you’re in the same room

In the old days you had to be in the same room to look each other in the eye for business, the only difference now is that the same can be achieved continents apart through high definition video conferencing. Through Video Conferencing you don’t only save money and resources, but also and most importantly, time.

Gone are the days wasting time sitting in airports, or being driven from point A to point B. With SOHTECH’s range of Video conferencing solutions, you remove all the hassle and inconvenience and get down to business… the way it is supposed to be.

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USB conference cameras/systems are an affordable collaboration tool for organizations looking to increase their team’s ability to coordinate over distances. Unlike room-based codec systems, which can range in the thousands of rand’s, USB cameras are a great deal less expensive at their initial purchasing cost and with a wide variety to choose from organizations can usually find a suitable model to meet their needs.

Why USB System

• Highly Versatile
• Premium quality video
• Plug and Play
• Perfect for most third party software
• Cost Effective


Codec video conferencing systems use Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) to allow for customized security settings and control by users during connection between devices, making sure that only those involved in the conversation have access to the material and coding keys. Codec conferencing systems play an important and integral part of any organizations communication networks. With more security, protocol connectivity, and the capabilities to withstand unstable internet, these conferencing systems provide numerous solutions for businesses looking to up their collaboration game.

Why Codec System

• More Secure
• More connection
• Smooth Conferencing experience